I know I would have made you feel alive
I know I would have made you cry
I would have made you laugh
I would have made you angry
I would have made you smile a million times and more
I wish I could be here forever
I wish I could stay to see your face in the morning everyday
So many things I wish I would have done
But little did I know
How little I have left to be with you
I’ve waited what seemed like an eternity
It’ll hurt when it’s time to say goodbye
Funny all the things we thought were important
Funny when we’re having breakfast in the middle of the day
No fucks given
So hold me because I’m scared
I’m scared tomorrow won’t come
For me at least
Babe I’m so sorry
I pray everyday that when I’m gone
You’ll find someone to hold you in their arms
To love you unconditionally the way I have
To take my place beside you in our bed
Don’t come with me when I go
Stay because you are life’s greatest gift
They need you baby
I’ll be waiting for you