Drowning in these sorrows

These memories I can’t forget

The events that jaded this once innocent young heart

As the music plays in the background…

Savoring the taste of it all

As if I’d never see it again

How did I know it to be true?

Trying to escape my reality

The thoughts that torment me daily

The reoccurring nightmares

Everything I’ve tried to hide

Brims right at the surface

Then shredded to nothing but shame

Let the music play on

I cry for all the lost souls

I cry for those who can’t be saved

I cry for those who can’t find peace

I cry for those who can’t find comfort

Afraid that people will see

The secrets hidden in the depths of your hurting soul

You are not alone

For I am here with a glass of wine

Ready to share my sorrows

Let me listen to your pain

Confide in me

For I am no one

No one to judge

Trust me