Awakening of Ann

Welcome to my soul & mind



Thought I Forgot

Life goes on
That I know
Something that I believed in
But you creep into my thoughts
Trying to replace you
Erase you from my heart
Yet you linger
You come when I least expect it
As if I left the door open for you
If I could just kiss you one more time
I wonder what it would feel like
Would you give me those sparks again
Would you hold me tight
Not wanting to let go
I know I shouldn’t
Keep thinking what if
What if I let myself fall
Fall in love so madly & deeply beyond words
So deep I can’t find myself
Suffocating & drowning in your love
I wish I knew
I wish I didn’t run away
I don’t want to look back
I don’t want to live in the past
Yet you made me feel
I want to feel
I need you to rip my heart out
Just let it burn
Watch the flames engulf my soul, mind, & body
Trying to find you
Trying to find anyone like you
I’m willing to be blinded again
I’m willing to be broken
Just love me & run away with my heart

Far away…

As I gaze upon the constellations in the midnight sky…

I think about my destination & I start to cry…

Because it all seems so far away…

And these dreams have ceased to fade away…

And all i can think about is a love lost long ago…

While laying here on the grass feeling this warm breeze blow…

Wishing upon a star…

Just one more time

Beautiful Insomnia

I wish I could stay up all night
Never leave my eyes to rest
I feel like I’m floating on clouds
An invisible cloak has been lifted
I see the Beauty of Life
I can actually see People
I see their light & goodness
I can finally feel
The World seems so different
I am no longer blind
To the everyday colors of Life
Everything used to be black & white
Until you came into my life
You shared the greatest wisdom
There was no need to suffer
There was no need to cry
There was no need to be afraid or angry
I did not realize what a dark world I created
Until you made me feel love
You lifted my face
You believed in me
You never gave up on me
You always stayed by my side even when I hurt you
Because I was in so much pain
You showed me unconditional Love
For that I am forever grateful
You have shred every piece of my clothing
You have seen the real me
Inside & Out
You know my dreams & aspirations
You know my deepest darkest secrets

Let’s stay up all night
Gaze at the stars
Please…I can’t go to sleep
I don’t want to let go of this reality

Let’s make love ’til dawn

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