Awakening of Ann

Welcome to my soul & mind



Her Beauty…

If only we could stop measuring women

By the size of her breasts, hips, or waist….

But by the goodness in her heart…

The Pure Essence of Her Soul…

& The Brilliance of Her Mind…


The world is in dire need of healing

Do you think if we really knew who we were, that it would be part of a solution?

Our exterior is just a vessel in which our soul resides in…

We need to look beyond the surface…

Thoughts of a MakeupArtist….

I see…

Have you ever felt so distant from every one else?

I’ll rather watch than be a part of the show

I see people walking & running

So wrapped up in their own lives…but aren’t we all?

I see “wise” wrinkled & youthful faces

I see the breeze flowing through black ..curly..& blonde frizzy hair

I see beautiful masculine specimens followed by pretty little pregnant “things”…

Gorgeous Eyes hidden behind lenses

I hear conversations kept secret by another language

I hear the clicking of heels & wheels rolling on the pavement

I smell smoke perishing precious lungs….

I feel a longing…

The world is so vast & diverse

I wish I could see & understand all …

Written on the back of a boarding pass…. Newark Airport

I searched

I gazed upon the stars for hours & hours

Searching for answers

I looked for Psychics

to see into the many possibilities of the future

I looked into my dreams

And tried to decipher their meaning

Because I remember You

I remember your face in my Dreams

Not Knowing that someday we shall meet

I fought Destiny

I felt it in the Depths of my Soul

Curse the Ego

For “I” was too afraid to embrace Destiny

To feel the thorns Love comes with

Because Now…

I’m looking for You or anyone Like You ❤


Escaping the dark depths of reality & immersing myself between pages of enlightenment

An orgasm of an epiphany

Carefully calculating the destination of the ejaculation of my thoughts…

Into the stratosphere of human consciousness…

Giving life to unspoken words & unkept promises

The mind then drifts away back to a graveyard…

Collecting the shards of dreams that never experienced manifestation

Looking behind the present…

Watching the verge of climax before heartbreak occurs..


Or simply diving into dark depths of a different reality?


Left with no answers

Left with a broken heart

Not knowing why

A damsel in distress

The knight in armor caused havoc

Then one day he came back for her

But she was no longer the same

Since she had to fight battles & win wars all by herself

Left with scars

Left with no tears

Nothing left but cold bitterness

Experienced realms of this world she could have never dreamed of in her nightmares

And he was never there…

Occasionally reappeared but always seemed to disappear

Now you want her to be a part of a kingdom you created

Why now?

Where were you when I needed you?

When I laid all by myself in a river of sorrow…

I can only wish you the best

A kingdom I could never be a part of

Afraid you’ll disappear tomorrow

I started writing…

To return to my original self

To be self aware of my emotions

To get things off my chest

To fall in love with words again

To immerse myself into a different world

To share my thoughts ..dark or light

To be part of a beautiful community

I started writing…

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From the grips of your deathly reality

From the limits you have placed on my soul & mind

From the crushing of my dreams

From the tears of Pure Darkness

From that sly crooked smile

I am constantly running from You

I can’t stop to catch my breath

Not even for a second

… & I can’t look back

I am in love with her…

Her laughter fills up the room

Her smooth caramel skin glistens by candlelight

I melt when I see her pools of chocolate twinkle with glee

Even her sneeze makes me want to pee

Not really though I just thought that was funny

I’m in love with her delicate touch

How her body moves ever so gracefully

Her smile is my sunshine everyday

Even when it’s raining cats & dogs outside

I’m in love with the size of her heart

How she can give so much of herself

And never expect anything in return

I admire the way she picks herself up again

No matter how tough things get

I admire her strength

God sent me an Angel

She has brought light into every dark room of my heart ❤

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